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Western Movie

If you want to see a film that features cowboys and Native American Indians, then you may watch a western movie. This genre goes back to the silent movie era; a classic example of which is "The Great Train Robbery of 1903". The early films from the western movie genre are based on earlier western literary pieces. It is believed that the western movie genre has become popular due to people's need to combine the dangers of the frontier to the peaceful calm of a small town.

Subcategories of the western movie

Some of the more common subcategories of the western movie are the following:

*Epic western - a sub-genre that features multi-layered plots that make up for a lengthy film
*Spaghetti western - a sub-genre that first emerged in Italy, refers to inexpensive productions that feature more violence compared to the average western movie
*Noir western - a sub-genre that involves a mystery to be solved by the hero
*Singing-cowboy western - a sub-genre that features cowboys who love to express themselves through songs
*Post-apocalyptic western - a sub-genre which, as the name suggests, explores a land devastated by war or by chemical pollution
*Science fiction western - a sub-genre that incorporates futuristic elements with those of the typical western movie

Themes used in a western movie

The western movie genre has elements that make it identifiable. This means that recurring western movie themes can occur. A western movie usually makes use of the good guy versus bad guy general theme. Some more specific themes that make use of the bad versus good conflict includeNative American Indians versus new settlers, wilderness versus civilisation, sheriff versus the outlaw and farmer versus industrialist.

Meanwhile, common western movie elements also include saloon brawls, duels or shoot-outs, robberies and cattle rustling.

Recurring western movie characters

If there are recurring western movie themes, there are also characters that have become stereotypical because of their recurrence in the western movie genre. These following examples may be familiar to you:

- Kind-hearted prostitute (popularly known as the prostitute with the heart of gold)
- The cowboy-hero
- A native American Indian
- Bounty hunters

Western movie notables

Western movies have produced actors that are closely identified with the genre. John Wayne is just one of these actors who are mostly remembered for their cowboy roles. Classic western movie types may be shown on TV and cable channels for reruns or in cinemas for the latest showing. For copies of different western movies, movie stores, rental shops and Net download sites are also great places to find these films.

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